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To Be Reborn with Glycocalyx Rejuvenation Clinics

The Purpose of GRC

To Be Reborn

Through a Unique Rejuvenation Process

Get to Know Us

Heart & Soul

Hope is the way for every sad human to express the universal notion of love. Hope is Gods way of imagining my imagination as connection. I might understand it like this:

First, I have hope for love.

Second, I have imagination for opening the heart.

Third, I keep my heart open for an opportunity that present itself to me.

Forth, I believe I deserve what I hope for.

Fifth, I express my God-given connection for love. 

"Keep your heart open. I work in mysterious ways that are not so mysterious when you trust the process." 

Heart and Soul integration

Before any and all healing is started, GRC clinics focus on the reconnection of the heart and soul. In order for the body to heal, your heart has to be reconnected to God so the body is in a "peaceful" state to allow healing to truly be effective. 

GRC Support Ukrainian

       Our Mission -       Empowering Hearts

Welcome to the Ukrainian Support Network and our community of passionate activists dedicated to supporting Ukrainian families who have chosen Saint John as their new home.

At GRC, we believe in the strength of unity and the transformative power of compassion.
Join us in building a community where compassion knows no boundaries, and together, we can make a difference in the lives of those seeking refuge and a brighter future.

Paul D. Cosman, PhD Natural Medicine 
n.d. Naturopathic Consultant 
Founder and CEO

Paul has been guiding and helping clients discover rejuvenation at the cellular level since 1993. Paul received the designation of PhD Natural Medicine -Honoree in 2007 and received this designation after completing 12 years of research work in understanding decimated tumor cell markers, which was linked to all cancer typing. Having moved back to Canada in 2009 to be reconnected to his mom who was battling vascular dementia, he decided to setup a functional research clinic, located in Quispamsis, N.B.  In 2013. Paul was given the designation of Naturopathic Consultant n.d. from the Alliance of Naturopaths Association. After his mothers passing in 2016, he decided to immerse himself in research to understand the different types of dementia which is destroying health care systems throughout the world. He finished his work on Dementia Typing Understood in the fall of 2016. Paul has declared that all dementia types including Alzheimer’s can be rejuvenated/reversed using the proper alternative protocols. (laser/frequency and nutraceuticals).


Fast forward to 2019 and the beginning of the Covid pandemic, he decided again to immerse himself in understanding the viral component of the pandemic and has followed it closely throughout and in early 2022 his research document entitled Dysautonomia Dysfunctions (long haul covid) was completed. 

In late 2021 Paul began following the work of world-renowned researcher Hans Vink (researcher since 1998) on his work of understanding endothelial glycocalyx lining inside the micro vessels.  Paul quickly tied his work of Dysautonomia dysfunction to the understanding it was simply a microcapillary (aging of the lining of the endothelial lining) issue of not enough blood flowing to the organs, which created inflammation and starvation (oxidative stress).

Paul D. Cosman, Naturopathic Consultant

GRC Approach

Many individuals today are suffering from multiple diseases and illnesses with no clear resolution within the medical industry. New World GRC approach is designed to target the areas the body has stopped healing naturally. Combining the GlycoCheck, Thermal body imaging, Cellular rejuvenation Reset, BMR lasers along with GRC supplements we have perfected protocols that have been helping hundreds of people finally heal from past traumas, mental issues, addiction, sickness, injury and more. 


GRC values each life individually and understands the importance of a quality, healthy life. Most individuals who see healthcare professionals, leave confused, unsure of where to start, what to do and how to proceed with their "diagnosis". Whether it be your weight, your illness, your pain, your colon, your injury etc.


The GRC approach is designed to help any and all individuals who enter one of our facilities. GRC works as a team and we understand that healing is a group support of individuals like yourself that have suffered, like you are suffering.


We offer guidance, compassion, a safe space to heal and knowledge when you feel it's time to learn more. We work together, as well as, along side others who are able to contribute to your healing. 

As our facilities grow, so will our knowledge with each condition and diagnoses. GRC gears towards removing all labels, all diagnoses and giving you the "why" your body has this medical label. We have protocols to correct your body, "labels" as we aid in helping you get back to your god given DNA. 


Using Thermal imaging to pre-detect breast cancer, seeing exactly where inflammation is in the body or what other issues may be causing you discomfort. Body Memory Reset Frequency lasers target those areas from the Thermal scan, directly to remove those concerns and allowing your body to self heal without invasive surgery's, MRIs exposing the body to radiation and more.

Once we get a full understanding of what your body is facing we can then put you on the correct protocol to ensure your body, organs and soul are not at risk. 


We are now in a new world where healing is vital to our survival, let us help in your rebirth, the new healthier version of you! Contact our administrator so she can better direct your needs, while assisting with more information you may require. 

GRC is looking for likeminded individuals; professionals to help grow our facilities all over the world. If you are interested in opening your own GRC certified clinic, please reach out to find out how! 

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