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"There is only powerful and positive change waiting to be experienced, transforming mind, body and soul to reach higher levels of consciousness and love. The death of yesterday is a birth or today."

About Paul D. Cosman,


PhD Natural Medicine (Honoree – 2007)
n.d. Naturopathic Consultant
President & Founder   

Paul has been guiding and helping clients discover rejuvenation at the cellular level since 1993. Paul received the designation of PhD Natural Medicine -Honoree in 2007 and received this designation after completing 12 years of research work in understanding decimated tumor cell markers, which was linked to all cancer typing. Having moved back to Canada in 2009 to be reconnected to his mom who was battling vascular dementia, he decided to setup a functional research clinic, located in Quispamsis, N.B.  In 2013. Paul was given the designation of Naturopathic Consultant n.d. from the Alliance of Naturopaths Association. After his mothers passing in 2016, he decided to immerse himself in research to understand the different types of dementia which is destroying health care systems throughout the world. He finished his work on Dementia Typing Understood in the fall of 2016. Paul has declared that all dementia types including Alzheimer’s can be rejuvenated/reversed using the proper alternative protocols. (laser/frequency and nutraceuticals).

Fast forward to 2019 and the beginning of the Covid pandemic, he decided again to immerse himself in understanding the viral component of the pandemic and has followed it closely throughout and in early 2022 his research document entitled Dysautonomia Dysfunctions (long haul covid) was completed. 

In late 2021 Paul began following the work of world-renowned researcher Hans Vink (researcher since 1998) on his work of understanding endothelial glycocalyx lining inside the micro vessels.  Paul quickly tied his work of Dysautonomia dysfunction to the understanding it was simply a microcapillary (aging of the lining of the endothelial lining) issue of not enough blood flowing to the organs, which created inflammation and starvation (oxidative stress).

Paul D. Cosman, (President and Founder) will continue his role as Chief Researcher and lead Clinical Instructor for the expansion of GRC approved Rejuvenation Centers Inc. throughout Atlantic Canada, and will expand into the rest of the Canadian and the USA market in 2024/2025. GRC Approved/Certified Rejuvenation Centers will strive to provide the highest alternative care that helps with the complete cellular rejuvenation process to reverse any labelled disease condition.

Current research projects completed: Heart & Soul Integration, Mental Illnesses Understood (PTSD), Glycocalyx Dysfunctions including Dysautonomia Dysfunctions, Hydrogen Therapy (water and air-inhalation), Leaky Gut Syndrome, Dementia typing. Rejuvenation principles dealing with work related injuries, work repetitive injuries, motor vehicle injuries, and medical/dental malpractice injuries.


About Joel Cosman,

Chief Science Researcher 


Associate Degree Business: Camosun College

Bachelors Degree in Microbiology & Biochemistry:  University of Victoria

Masters Research in the field of Epigenetics: University of Victoria

Diploma in Osteopathic Manual Practice : National Academy of Osteopathy


Joel was born in Eastern Canada, Saint John, New Brunswick. Born into a very active family, Joel played hockey in the winter and golf in the summer. Joel relocated with his family to Victoria in 1996. The natural world inspired Joel to pursue microbiology and biochemistry at the University of Victoria, where he earned his BSc. With a desire to learn about new cultures, he travelled to various countries in South America before finding his way back to Vancouver Island.

In 2015, Joel completed a certification in Rolfing. His thirst for knowledge, along with more refined tools to help clients, lead Joel to a Diploma in Osteopathy from the National Academy of Osteopathy in 2017. After 8 years of practice, he strongly believes that anybody has the ability to change given the optimal environment. As important as movement and strength are to keep the body healthy, Joel also believes that a clean source of organic food and water allow all systems of the body to operate with ease, yet in a world of toxins, this a barrier for many, and so, detoxification, fasting, and supplementation is key to finding balance in our Western way of living.

Joel Cosman, Chief Science Researcher 

About Tom Crandall


Tom Crandall is the founder and president of Spectron IR established in 2007. He is a graduate of Ashland High in Oregon with continuing education through private sector technical and management schools.

Tom's vast background experiences include nutritional consulting, fitness instructing, sales, and management positions as well as product development of inorganic polymer coatings. He developed a ceramic polymer coating which is marketed as Cerakote. The coating is used in aerospace, performance automotive and OEM firearms.

Tom has certification and application experience with cold laser therapy and thermographic technician. Tom holds a patent for the medical infrared cart system that is the premier product for Spectron IR. His key passion for medical infrared is in the application of functional medicine. With years of exposure to various clinics, domestic and international, Tom has an in depth understanding of the application of infrared imaging regarding functional medicine.

Tom also has a high level of communication skills needed to solve problems and help create solutions to difficult situations. He is married with 2 adult children. His hobbies include mountaineering, wilderness excursions, and the study of health care as it relates to functional and antiaging medicine. Tom's vision for medical infrared imaging is to see it become a mainstream imaging modality for functional medicine.

Tom Crandall, GRC Board Member

About  Thomas Barron


BARRONT LABOUR RELATIONS (Small Business) President & CEO - 2002 to 2016 

  • Litigation

  • Human Rights

  • Wrongful dismissals

  • Workers compensation claims

  • Combination of training and experience in legislative framework in areas of Canada Pension Plan, Canada Labor Codes, Canadian Human Rights Act, Employment Insurance Act and Canadian Industrial Relations Act, in Federal and Provincial Jurisdictions


 National Representative, June 1994 to February 2001

  • Negotiate collective agreements, both under federal and provincial (NB, NS, PEI) jurisdictions

  • Draft and interpret collective agreement language

  • Prepare and structure collective agreements

  • Research case law, prepare and present disputes before arbitration boards, both provincial and federal

  • Research case law, prepare and present labour disputes before Labour Relation Boards (federal and provincial)

  • Research case law, prepare and present labour disputes before the Canadian Railway Office of Arbitration

  • Research case law, prepare and present appeals before Workers Compensation tribunals

  • Research case law, prepare and present appeals before the EI Appeal Committee

  • Research case law, prepare and present appeals for Canada Pension Plan entitlements

  • Research case law, prepare and present disputes under Part 1, 2, 3 of the Canada Labour Code

  • Research case law, prepare and present disputes under the Federal Occupational Health and Safety Act

  • Research case law, prepare and present disputes relative to the Federal Coal Mine Regulation Act

  • Research case law, prepare and present human rights complaints before the Canadian Human Rights Tribunals

  • Research case law, prepare and present briefs to various provincial and federal commission inquiries in the area of transportation, mining, fisheries, social and economic development, environmental and legislative changes

  • Prepare and engage parties in mediations in areas of industrial relations disputes, Constrictive discharge, discrimination due to disabilities


 National Representative, April 1982 to June 1994

  • Same as above

  • Course instructor


Certified Journeyman, Industrial Electrician and Numatic Instrumentation (Interprovincial) 1969-1982

  • Trouble shoot and repair electrical and numatic instrumentation



Graduate of Labour College of Canada, 1976

  • Graduated with honors in economics, sociology, political science, labour law and labour history


Atlantic Regional Labour Education Center, Level I in 1976, Level II in 1978

  • Studies in political science, sociology, economics, public speaking and media communications



Computer Software Knowledge, Word Processors, Spreadsheets,                   Email Programs, Internet Software, Public Speaking, Organizing and Committee Structuring, Canadian Basketball Official, Softball Canada Umpire.


Fishing, golfing, gardening, hunting, bowling, basketball coach, softball coach, Member of Magnetic Hill Lions Club.

Family Status – married, two children.

Thomas Barron, GRC Board Member
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