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Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders (Lung Disorders)

Functions of the hypothalamus!
The hypothalamus is a structure deep within your brain. It’s the main link between your endocrine system and your nervous system. Your hypothalamus keeps your body balanced in a stable state called homeostasis.

What does your hypothalamus do?
Your hypothalamus receives chemical messages from nerve cells in your brain and from nerve cells in your body (your peripheral nervous system), which is also responding to signals outside your body.
Your hypothalamus’s main function is to react to these messages to keep your body in a stable state or internal balance. Just like you may have a “smart control” system to seamlessly manage all functions in your home, your hypothalamus is your body’s “smart control” coordinating center. Your hypothalamus helps manage your:
•    Body temperature                          
•    Blood pressure                               
•    Hunger and thirst 

•    Sense of fullness when eating 

•    Mood 

•    Sex drive

•    Sleep

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