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Body Memory Reset


Body Memory Reset

Body Memory reset is very simple. It is designed to help the body reset or clear flaws in its memory to improve body function. The body memory Reset system is not a diet, exercise program or nutritional program. We do recommend that a quality diet, moderate exercise and a real food nutritional program be used, in conjunction with this program.

BMR is a series of precise laser protocols, which include homeopathy frequency therapy, organ and structural reflexes all activated by precise LLT (low level laser/frequency therapy) stimulation to trigger the bonus correction of corrupted memories. When successful, this dramatically changes the body functions and leads to not only an improvement in your current symptoms, but a significant improvement in long term heath and well-being. 


Our opinion as to how the body works:

  • The body is managed and run subconsciously and we have very little control over it. Our pulse, blood pressure, digestive, etc. run automatically by programs contained in our memory. There are millions of these unconscious functions and programs, which maintain our life and health that run continuously in the body. 

  • Our brain, even though it is much more complex, works similar in many ways to a computer. They both store data and programs in memory tat are accessed and used automatically as needed. Just like computers our brain also stores base line informations about ourselves that remembers who and what we are. 

  • These set memory patterns may be very hard wired, such as the shape of our nose. They can also be programs that change as needed, like digestion or organ functions. 

Our opinion as to how the body becomes ill:

  • When the body receives information, it is also recorded in the brains memory. 

  • When not stored properly such as trauma or an invasion of toxic foreign substances it may not be stored properly or be considered corrupted data. In either case the information that was stored has now been corrupted and the program memory will no longer run or be recalled properly. When this happens to your commuter it just locks up and quits. 

  • Fortunately, our brain was designed much better than computers, so we dont die every time an error occurs.Our body just takes this error and incorporated it into the system as part as a "new memory" and keeps ion running. Unfortunately, this "new memory" is flawed so every time this overs to a program that controls any one of our millions of bodily functions a percent of our health is lost. 

  • in the same way errors occur in your computer, in your neurological programs this can cause similar body dysfunctions. This is called Dis-ease. 

  • Only the memory that changes or memory that gets overwritten is subject to corruption in this fashion. Memory that is never overwritten, such as your fingerprints are not usually subject to corruption, so there should never change, We leave this area open a little because today we are subject to ionizing radiation, nuclear fallout and contamination. We are all subject to genetic engineering of our food sources and even many of our cosmetics and daily health care products and thought of as unchangeable or incorruptible is being manipulated today like a cook term dangers of these acts, but I can almost guaranty they will not be good. The good news is that if genetics can be altered or damaged this easily, them it is not unreasonable to think it can corrected. 

Our Opinion as to how the body heals itself:

  • The only technology sophisticated enough to fix your brain itself. We just need to stimulate their mechanism go correction. How this is done, no one really knows for sure, but there are hundreds of procedures that attempt to accomplish it. If the procedures called "rehabilitation" or "retraining" they are trying to restore damaged memory. "Neuroplasticity" is a technical term which describes the ability of the brain to change or learn. 

  • A Neuroplastic environment in the brain is when the chemistry and environment within the brain is the most efficient for making changes both good and bad. Where all rehab techniques work to some degree, they do not place the brain in a neuroplastic environment, which makes the corrections slow and difficult. 

  • Trauma and stress cause an immediate neuroplatic environment within the brain, which is why memory corruption that occurs during injury is quick and long term. The most efficient way of producing a neuroplastic environment for correcting these errors is with low levels laser Therapy (LLLT), which makes this the ideal technology for resetting corrupted memory. 

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