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Spectron IR

Spectron IR


Spectron IR 640 Workstation:

Tytron C-500 640x480 VOx Radiometric Microbolometer;

Thermal Sensitivity/NEDT: 50 mK Average;

Frame Rate: 30Hz;

Spectral Range: 8-12 Microns;

Computer Interface: Digital (Ethernet);

Software Controlled Electronic Focus;

Focusing Distance: 1 Ft to 15 Ft.

Package Includes:

Dedicated medical specific 640x480 imager;

Front shutter design reduces amount of thermal drift for added accuracy;

Thick aluminium housing for added thermal stability;

Master calibration feature reduces the amount of factory calibrations and extends camera life cycle;

Dedicated medical specific software (fully analytical);

DICOME ready camera and software with easy-to-use export function.


Prevention Model - Physiological Imaging, Dynamic, Non-Ionizing Imaging;

Pain Free, Non-Invasive Imaging - Instant Data on Numerous Conditions;

Builds Patient Base & Referral Business - Increases Return on Investment.

Spectron IR

The Spectron IR Imaging Workstation is a medical grade unit that can be moved from room to room or floor to floor with case.

The Workstation is fully self-contained system offering height adjustability for taking images while standing or seated. The camera is multidirectional allowing pan, tilt, horizontal movement and vertical movement from the floor to six feet high with the press of a button on the remote control. The actuator provides vertical movement and streamlines the imaging process.

Spectron IR Imaging Workstation
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